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About Your Maine Hypnosis
My name is Chad Burke and I am a certified hypnotherapist through American School if Hypnosis and Certified with American International Association of Hypnotist for Coaching and Self Help.

My interest in hypnosis started several years ago while working for an organization and going to schools throughout the state of Maine and teaching students about the effects of unhealthy decisions. The curriculum encompassed effects of drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, confidence, goal setting and the power of influence. After attending a class at the University of Southern Maine on brain development it became clear to me that what I was already doing was similar to hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply the power of suggestion. Between facts they received and suggestions I made, it became clear that I was already utilizing some traits of hypnosis. 

In addition to my initial training, the last few months leading up to an over seas deployment - made me realize the importance of self help and relaxation techniques and the impact it would play on me, would help me perform my mission more effectively while dealing with all the other elements that come along with a military deployment. After years of studying hypnosis I enrolled in the American School of Hypnosis for their professional and formal training. It was here that I earned my Diploma of Hypnotherapy and became board certified with American International Association of Hypnotist for Coaching and Self Help. 
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